Below is a list of all upcoming events

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  • Sibling awareness in therapy
    Thu, 20 Oct
    Online webinar workshop
    A CAT approach to family stories through revisiting reciprocal roles with siblings. This experiential online workshop will reflect on personal experiences of sibling relationships and the ‘reciprocal roles’ or patterns of relating that they have given us and might still be active today in our work.
  • Working with varieties of narcissism in therapy
    Wed, 09 Nov
    Webinar workshop
    Come and learn ways of noticing, naming and negotiating dfferent kinds of narcissism that show up in different ways in the therapy relationship. Try out working with a short checklist of narcissistic patterns of relating to self and others that can be mapped out between client and therapist.
  • Working with the Voice in Therapy
    Wed, 16 Nov
    Zoom workshop 9.30-12.30
    Introductory examples and guidance for therapists in working with the voice using mapping and writing based on Cognitive Analytic Therapy
    Wed, 30 Nov
    Zoom webinar 9.30am - 1.00pm
    Have better conversations by mapping out the key words and patterns of relating as you talk.