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How to map and talk 

Sit side by side with pen and paper.  Larger sheets of paper are best.  Say to each other that it will help us talk and listen if we write down the words and phrases that come up in the conversation.  Have in mind that you are looking for patterns in the conversation and in the stories and memories being shared.   Learn to use the methods and concepts of map and talk and keep practising.  If you are mostly doing the mapping say to the person whose words and stories you are listening to that as we talk we can:


  • talk more openly and transparently and tolerate the messiness of seeking understanding and the worry of getting lost for words 

  • create a shared thinking space where we can see what we are saying  

  • models working democratically side-by-side as a step to getting alongside the inner dialogue with one’s self

  • offer a record of what was discussed and how the conversation went.

​For more watch the ten hand drawn videos listed in the box below, or read part one of Therapy with a Map  

Hand Drawn Videos

Hand Drawn Videos

Hand Drawn Videos