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Mapping the new normal

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has had a sudden and powerful impact on our patterns of relating at work. I have been offering interactive webinars with the aim to help teams focus on making sense together of the realities or ‘new normal’ during and after the first phase of this global pandemic. Several groups internationally and in the UK have found it useful. This is how the webinar works:

After a few minutes signposting the idea of the ‘new normal’ (which has an interesting history going back to 1918) and introducing a relational mapping template, we ‘map and talk’ about changes and continuity in ways of relating before the virus, during lockdown through to the stage we are at now. As team members talk the facilitator will ask questions, make suggestions, map out key words and develop a ‘relational map’ from the conversation. You will see the map developing on screen and can comment on it and add to it. By the end of the hour we should have a map that resonates with the bigger picture of change and development for the team.

Next webinar on 'Mapping the New Normal' this Wednesday 19th August at 2.00pm for an hour and half. Bring a colleague.

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